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Diabetic Plan

Lose Weight & Help Control Your Type 2 Diabetes

Most people with Type 2 Diabetes think eating their favorite foods is a thing of the past. Not with WeighLess Center's Diabetic Meal Plan! With over 100 chef-inspired dishes, you can enjoy the foods you love while losing weight and managing your diabetes.

Our Diabetic Program is compliant with USDA national nutrition guidelines for people with Type 2 Diabetes who want to lose weight. We've made it so easy.... just pick from any of our delectable food choices from cinnamon buns to ravioli and meatball parmesan. They're all delicious and they're all designed to help you lose weight while helping you control your Type 2 Diabetes.

How The Diabetic Meal Plan Works

In a word... science. Weighless' Diabetic Meal Plan is based on the proven science of the glycemic index. By featuring "good carbs" that break down slowly in your body, our meals help stabilize blood sugar levels. By eating 6 times a day, you also help control cravings and feel satisfied all day. Make the healthy choice and put science on your side.... with prepared meals that taste great while helping you lose the weight.

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